Faustian Speed Dating

Time: October 13, 2018 at 04:00 PM
Length: about 2 hours
Location: Carnegie 101, Carnegie 102

Event Staff


Sorcerers-mortals who have been hurt by the world and seek to change it through infernal means
Demons-beings of great power and greater cruelty
Together, they can form Pacts that can change the world, but also spell doom for one's eternal soul...

So let's get together and tonight, through the best way to meet people: Speed Dating!


Faustian Speed Dating is a larp about sorcerers and demons making pacts in a speed dating scenario. Character sheets are short and players are expected to expand greatly on their characters based on said sheets. ?

The game has a very comedic setup, but the tone of given conversations is ultimately driven by how the players choose to expand on their characters and portray them. Expect substantial tonal shifts from conversation to conversation.

? In this setting "Sorcerers" are mortal humans who have had some terrible thing happen to them that has made them want to change the world or themselves in dramatic ways. ?

"Demons" are beings from Hell that are all centered around some emotion, feeling, or sense. They are slyly attempting to convince Sorcerers to give their eternal soul to them to be tortured forever in exchange for great power. Said eternal tortures are often existentially or psychologically challenging. ?

This game also contains sexual content, particuarly discussion of taboo sexual practices.

Bubble Staff: This game contains content that may be unsuitable for younger players, and is restricted to ages 18 and up.


10 attendees
0 open slots: 0/10