Wish Upon A Star

Time: October 13, 2018 at 08:00 PM
Length: about 3 hours
Location: Carnegie 101, Carnegie 102

Event Staff


Did you ever make a wish on a shooting star? It’s said that a wish contains unlimited potential – powerful enough to change your past, your future, your entire life, the universe even. But change isn’t always for the better. If you had the chance, would you make a wish?

Maybe you would. Maybe you wouldn't. Maybe you don't know. Or maybe you don't care.

Regardless of your beliefs in such superstitions, you all reside in the little town of Remény. Every year, people gather to see the most brilliant celestial event around, creating one memorable night of fun and festivities before it's back to being a quiet old town for the rest of the 364 days. And tonight is when those festivities begin. When the stars align this evening, who knows what will happen?


Wish Upon A Star is a highly emotional, mechanics-light game. Since this larp takes place at a festival, lots of (hopefully) fun mini festival games will be going on during the event. That said, this game does deal with a lot of heavy themes that might be unsuitable for some players. This game may include references / problems dealing with addiction, sex, drugs, alcohol, homophobia, bigotry, suicide, stress, disorders, illnesses, bullying, human stupidity, the meaning of life, etc. Please take this into consideration when signing up for this game. If you have any questions, please feel free to email the lead GM and game author at ash@themccormacks.com.


7 attendees
0 open slots: 0/7