A Workshop: Making a Garb-ish Tunic

Time: October 14, 2018 at 10:00 AM
Length: about 4 hours
Location: Carnegie 201, Carnegie 206

Event Staff


Learn some easy, low-cost, no-sew techniques for costuming while creating a simple tunic! The workshop costs $20 per person to cover materials.


In this workshop, we'll be using some simple, no-sew techniques to create tunics that are useful as basic fantasy and/or medieval-ish garb. Come learn to turn a large t-shirt into a tunic with iron-on adhesive/hem tape, trim, and grommets for lacing up. This workshop will cost $20 to cover materials. Payment is due by 9/16 in order to ensure all of the materials arrive on time. (Participants can provide their own if they prefer. Materials include a t-shirt, 3 yards of decorative trim, iron-on adhesive tape and/or sheets, grommets, and a ribbon.) PLEASE check with Adina before signing up after 9/17/18 to make sure there is still time to acquire materials for you!


4 attendees
11 open slots: 11/15

Name As a reminder, the cost for this workshop is $20 per person for materials. It is possible to acquire your own materials in advance, reach out to Adina for a list. Do you still wish to sign up?
Adina S
Cameron Betts
Melanie "Tyrwll" Saunders If I can help bring/provide materials I want to help
Theresa Sullivan Yes
Cadence Schwartz yes
Rain Wiegartner Rain Wiegartner