Time: October 12, 2018 at 07:30 PM
Length: about 2 hours
Location: Carnegie 201, Carnegie 206

Event Staff


The sky over the Academy is overcast with light ash, tinted lavender, as it has been for years. And as it has been for years, the A. A. Antevorta Academy for Aspiring Accelerationists remains open and in session in its imposing building, largely thanks to the strong administration and their unending dedication to education in these dark but beautiful times, however unorthodox their pedagogy.

The Academy's particular philosophies are somewhat elusive at times, but it is widely known within the Academy that the administration favors creativity and imaginative solutions to problems as central tenets of their academic plan, and that is welcomed by students (especially the young children) and encouraged happily by the faculty. Though the outside world grows more and more distant from the safe and productive haven of the Academy, there is little feeling of isolation within the sprawling, labyrinthine, and often playful layout contained within the boundaries of the thick concrete outer walls. It is a strange place to an outside observer (assuming those still exist), truly, but the strangeness has become the usual, and the usual is comforting, even when it itself is crafted from the essence of discomfort.


(Discomfort, there it is again. And thus we cross the threshold to the true present, the here and now, this evening where you are.)

What new happening could be so particularly concerning to the so-clearly-desensitized administrative staff of the Academy this evening? What could possibly alarm them, after all that's happened? Whether you know or not, you are in the best place for any sort of emergency: the Office of Academy Administration, situated at the apex of the school's structure, a modest room serving as the brain of the whole Academy.

But...whether or not you are in any state or position to deal with an emergency, any emergency, is perhaps another matter entirely.

The ash clouds quietly rattle the rare windows. There is no looking out. Only in. And the ash is watching intently along with you.


This is a 2-hour rules-light-roleplay-and-emotions-heavy LARP for 5 players by Zovi McEntee.

This is a very bleak game. Please do not sign up expecting to be cast as a character who will have a healthy, fulfilling time. That is not what this game is about.

Please also be advised that momentary out-of-character jokes and commentary to relieve tension will not be allowed at all in this game. If you need to break character during this game, you will need to leave the room, which WILL have in-game effects with absolutely no exceptions. If you believe this to be unreasonable to the point where you would ask to be an exception, you are advised to not sign up for this game.

Due to mature content and a certain expectation of maturity in this game, this game is 18+. Please talk to the GM(s) if there are any specific concerns.

Bubble Staff: This will be the first run of this game. This game contains content that may be unsuitable for younger players, and is restricted to ages 18 and up.


5 attendees
0 open slots: 0/5